Penumbra Music


The Penumbra Music Collection spans from its inception in 1994 until 2015 and covers commercial, beta, and live recordings of the label as well as administrative records.

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Experimental Sound Studio


The ESS Collection is a continually expanding collection of all of ESS's programs and projects since its inception in 1986.

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Sun Ra/El Saturn


The Sun Ra/El Saturn Collection consists of approximately 600 tapes dating from the 1950s-1993 that represent the work of iconoclastic composer and bandleader Sun Ra.

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Malachi Ritscher


The Malachi Ritscher Collection represents the work of Chicago sound recordist Malachi Ritscher. Ritscher was a passionate supporter of Chicago's improvised music jazz scene.

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(a)R(t) Noise - Necessary Arts Collection


The (a)R(t) Noise / Necessary Arts Collection consists of 33 music CDs with different assortments of musical arrangements and including a diverse amount of musicians and instruments. The collection represents the work of Milwaukee writer, sound and visual artist, and life-long entrepreneurial scholar Thomas Gaudynski. 

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Links Hall


The Links Hall Collection contains recordings of over 135 events of spoken word, performance, and music that took place at Chicago's Links Hall, a multi-disciplinary project space founded in 1978 by Bob Eisen, Carol Bobrow, and Charlie Vernon.

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